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Meta - TRIXX

Costume design for performance

by Agnes Momirski


Creative director: Agnes Momirski

Costume design: Brina Vidic- BRENCHA

Photography: Sara Rman

Model: Agnes Momirski

MUA: Agnes Momirski

Meta-Trixx an interdisciplinary avant-garde project based in Rotterdam spanning fashion, music and performance - it marks a rebirth of the trixxster myth in the post-club context, in the convergence of alternate realities where we witness treachery of images - deep fake, post-truth, gamified and simulated realms. Trixxters are archetypal characters embodying duality, and with their physical form in constant flux their riddled existence becomes a metaphor for apocalyptic posthuman embodiments.


Inspired by biomimicry, Meta-Trixx couture is made with high-quality digital prints and padding, exploring the morphing human silhouette on the precipice of the Metaverse. Addressing the embodiment turn in the post-truth era, Meta-Trixx is made for posthuman bodies in a vast virtual pool of avatars, digitally augmented  & botched up bodies warped and shaped by 3D tools.

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